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Why do I purchase in Bulk (Wholesale) from Indian Silk House Agencies?

Bulk Trading with Indian Silk House Agencies is apt for small business owners, specialized boutiques & home run set-ups. We are one of the most reputed brands in East India and are known for our Legacy, Quality, Trust& Value. Over the years, our brand is known for its wide, varied & trendiest Collection of Sarees, Salwar Suits, Stoles, Scarves & Fashion Jewellery.

Our network of artisans expands throughout the Indian subcontinent. We have access to hundreds of looms across India giving us the ability to create, literally, any design on any fabric with any specialized craftsmanship. All our businesses are executed by highly skilled personal with no agents or middlemen in between.

More importantly, our Brand is long known for its Competitive Wholesale Prices and Quality. We ensure that our products go through stringent Quality Control measures before dispatch.Being an Approved Wholesaler gives you access to our vast and latest collection of products including any and all types of Sarees, Salwar Suits, Stoles, Scarves & Fashion Jewellery. Further, you will always have the option to exchange the products not moving in your business and rotate your stock by getting newer products. Yes, we make it that easy for you! There are certain terms and period of limitation attached – which will be shared with you in your Welcome Kit.

How do I become an Approved Wholesaler with Indian Silk House Agencies?

Since we offer extremely Competitive Prices to Wholesale Buyers, it is important that we are able to distinguish retail buyers from actual wholesale buyers and as such it is important for us to verify your identity. Once the basic terms and conditions are fulfilled, you would become an approved Wholesale Buyer.

At the outset, you would need to register online at our Website. Once you are registered, we will require you to send us the basic identification document on mail for authentication of your profileand your business set-up (such as trade licenses of your setup, shop establishment related documents etc).After verification of your profile, we would contact you and welcome you on board as an Approved wholesale buyer. The mechanism of calculating the Wholesale Prices (based on the Online Retail Prices) will be issued to you in your Welcome Kit!

General Terms & Conditions of Wholesale Purchases

(a) Your first order has to be a Minimum purchase of USD 900. If your order is below this minimum threshold value, your order will not be processed on Wholesale Prices. There is no minimum quantity requirement for wholesale purchases.

(b) After your first purchase, the minimum amount of any subsequent purchase has to be USD 500. There are no minimum quantities for such purchases.

(c) We offer multiple convenient payment options in currencies of your choice (i.e. USD, GBP, AUD, SGD, EUR, CAD etc). Our Customer Support is always available for any queries in relation to payment options.

(d) We ship our Products to almost all parts of the world. The cost of shipping is to borne by you. The shipping cost is calculated on the destination, quantity and weight of the products selected by you. Our logistics partners are only highly reputed companies such as FedEx, DHL or Overnite.

(e) All our orders are custom cleared at destination, by the carrier and door delivered. Custom duties as applicable at destination country shall be in accordance with local laws. This amount will be borne by the buyer as per the applicable charges by the destination country. Similar amounts will be added in countries where VAT is applicable.

(f) These are only indicative terms and conditions and details terms will be communicated to you once your application is processed.

We look forward to your continued patronage!